Calgary Customs Broker ARGO Business Corp. Provides Guidance on Importing Vehicles from the U.S.

Trusted Calgary, AB-based customs broker, ARGO Business Corp. has recently announced that they are now offering their professional brokerage services to help clients import vehicles into the country from the United States. There are concrete steps that must be taken before, during, and after the vehicle import process and clients working with ARGO Business Corp. can ensure each of these steps is management professionally and within a consolidated timeframe.

When bringing a new vehicle into Canada from the United States, many importers have found that the process can become exceptionally complex if they don’t follow the optimal procedures at each stage. Importers may find themselves subject to importation delays or even fines and other penalties if they don’t complete the required forms and other legal steps when importing their vehicles. And so it’s important to work with a trusted importation specialist to reduce the time and costs required to bring a vehicle into the country. ARGO Business Corp. is a leader in this area.

The team at ARGO Business Corp. is now providing clients a comprehensive understanding on the vehicle import process. They first advise vehicle importers to analyze the vehicle’s branding history, its admissibility into Canada and any RIV exemptions. They also advise importers to review the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. During the importation process, ARGO Business Corp. advises importers to have a comprehensive knowledge of their reporting obligations under U.S. border and CBSA regulations. Finally, they advise importers to contact their provincial and territorial licensing jurisdictions for information about licensing their vehicle. The team at Calgary-based ARGO Business Corp. can act as a specialist customs broker at each stage of the import process both on the U.S. side and the Canadian side. They are an Authorized Broker with QAI Laboratories Certification Testing Inspection – Pre-Clearance program, which means they have a comprehensive understanding on the vehicle inspection and testing process. As such, ARGO Business Corp. can complete each of the requirements on the client’s behalf and help them ensure their vehicle is available quickly for use within Canada.