Benefits of using the IID – increased efficiency and reliability

ARGO Customs brokers are using IID system to submit entries to CBSA and all PGAs and were certified for it.

The IID makes the process for declaring CFIA regulated imports to the CBSA more efficient for customs brokers and commercial importers across Canada. With the IID, there is no longer a need to send the same import declaration to multiple parties, instead, the IID is submitted to the CBSA for validation and the information is transmitted to all appropriate Participating Government Departments and Agencies (PGAs)

The IID is also more reliable than the previous EDI declaration methods. The improved system is less likely to malfunction, so by using it, you are less likely to experience delays at the border.

· A simplified import process · Reduced paper burden · The ability to transmit an electronic declaration up to 90 days in advance · Reduced time in processing one import transaction