ARGO Toronto Customs Brokers: Verification Program for Closed-Faced Sandwich Exports to Canada.

The [US] Food Safety and Inspection Service and the Agricultural
Marketing Service have established an export verification program
designed to verify establishments’ control of closed-faced sandwiches
destined for Canada. Once the program is implemented Feb. 1, 2016, only establishments participating in this program will be able to export closed-faced sandwiches to Canada.

Among other things, Canada is requiring that closed-faced sandwiches
be produced under a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plan.
Under the program, the sandwiches will be produced in establishments
that are under FSIS’ voluntary reimbursable inspection service and are
operating under conditions that are as consistent as practical with
those under which other post-lethality exposed meat and poultry products
are produced under 9 CFR 430. Closed-faced sandwiches are under the
jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration but that agency does
not require that the sandwiches be produced under a HACCP plan.