ARGO Customs Wants Canadian Importers to Be Aware of Coming Aluminum-Related Surtaxes

August 30, 2020 – Vancouver, BC – Anyone taking aluminum goods manufactured in the United States and importing them into Canada needs to be aware of new fees that will be applied at the border, say the importation experts at ARGO Customs.

Beginning on September 21, 2020, a wide range of aluminum products, manufactured in the United States, will have an additional surtax of 10% applied to them upon importation.  This measure was undertaken as retaliation against the United States’ own recent tariffs on Canadian-made aluminum products.  The length of time this surtax will be applied is unknown and will be contingent on US-Canadian diplomatic efforts going forward.

More than sixty product types are affected, including:

  • Aluminum ores and concentrates
  • Fluorides, chlorides, and sulfates of aluminum
  • Unwrought aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Aluminum bars, rods, plates, foil, and wires
  • Aluminum doors and windows
  • Aluminum casks, cans, drums, and similar containers
  • Aluminum-built appliances, including washing machines and refrigerators
  • Aluminum furniture or exercise equipment

A full list of the affected items is available from the Canadian Department of Finance.

The surtax will only apply to items that are manufactured in the US, as per the terms of the CUSMA, and does not apply to goods originally made overseas.  The surtax will also not be charged on items that are already en route between the United States and Canada on September 21, 2020.  Canada’s Duties Relief and Duty Drawback Programs will still provide relief to these surtaxes, for importers who qualify.

This may substantially complicate the process of importing aluminum products into Canada.  Importers are encouraged to contact a licensed and experienced importation broker to help them understand how they will be affected by these new surtaxes, and whether they have any alternatives to paying them.

About ARGO Customs

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