ARGO Customs Informs Importers About Recent Changes to Canadian Steel and Aluminum Importation Regulations

October 20, 2019 – Toronto, ON – Leading Canadian customs broker ARGO Customs wants importers to be aware of major new changes to the processes surrounding steel and aluminum importation.  Importers must be prepared to undergo more scrutiny, and submit additional documentation if their imports are to be allowed into Canada.

Changes made to the Special Import Measures Regulations (SIMR) body of legislation by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) are aimed at two areas: anti-dumping regulations, and steel and aluminum import monitoring.

The anti-dumping regulations give the CBSA additional power to determine if a country is unfairly “dumping” its products into Canada, to drive down prices and harm local industry.  The CBSA will have more authority to investigate importers and their goods, as well as the countries of origin.

Monitoring of Steel and Aluminum Imports

There will also be a step up in the monitoring of steel and aluminum imports.  Beginning on September 1, 2019, some aluminum products will be added to the Import Control List and General Import Permit (GIP) list.  Importers will be required to cite the GIP for their aluminum products, allowing the government to gather more data on sources and importation patterns.

Alongside this, both aluminum and steel importers may be required to submit detailed reports and documentation on their products.  Again, these requirements are designed so that the CBSA can more closely monitor importation patterns and countries of origin, with the long-term goal of evaluating whether more import regulations are called for.

These new regulations should create only minor new bureaucratic hurdles for most importers, as long as the regulations are adhered to.  Importers should consider hiring a Canadian customs broker to ensure compliance with these new laws.

About ARGO Customs

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