ARGO Customs Informs Importers About Important Changes to Aluminum Import Procedures

September 15, 2019 - Toronto, ON - The customs regulations experts at ARGO Customs wants importers to be aware of a major change to aluminum importation procedures. Effective September 1, 2019, certain aluminum products were added to the Import Control List (ICL), labeled as Item 83. When being imported, these products must cite a General Import Permit (GIP) on their B3 documentation. This is being done to increase surveillance of the sources of the aluminum being brought into Canada and collect increased data on these sources.

These new regulations affect all unwrought aluminum products, both alloyed and not alloyed, as well as the following wrought products:

• Bars
• Rods
• Profiles
• Wires
• Plates
• Sheets
• Strips
• Foils
• Tubes and pipes
• Tube and pipe fittings
• Other casings and forgings listed in item 83 of the ICL

This will have a significant impact on importers, who must retain all documents and records relating to these imports for six years following initial importation. At any time, Global Affairs Canada may require them to provide detailed documentation of the imports. This would include the importer's name and address, proof of Canadian residency, country(s) of origin, tariff classification, and a description of the goods.

ARGO Customs recommends that importers study the new regulations carefully to ensure compliance. If importers are uncertain as to their responsibilities, ARGO Customs is happy to assist with questions or concerns.

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