Argo Customs Explains Important New Rollbacks of Surtaxes on Certain Imports from The United States

June 8, 2019 – Toronto, ON ARGO Customs has good news for Canadian importers: surtaxes on steel, aluminum, and other finished consumer goods such as playing cards and whisky, have been rolled back.  As of May 19, 2019, the United States Surtax Order (Steel and Aluminum): SOR/2018-152 and the United States Surtax Order (Other Goods): SOR/2018-153 are repealed.

Previously, steel and aluminum had a surtax of 25%, and other finished consumer goods had a surtax of 10%.  These surtaxes, established in June of 2018, are both now entirely removed.  This will make it far easier for companies within Canada to import and resell such goods.

At present, the Canadian government has limited plans to offer reimbursements to importers who had paid those surtaxes.  In general, reimbursement will not be offered, but the government will be willing to consider requests for reimbursement in a limited number of cases:

  • If the good was considered to be in short supply, on either a national or regional basis, 
  • If ongoing importation was mandated by existing contracts which predate May 2018, or
  • In the case of an exceptional circumstance which could have threatened the Canadian economy.

Importers who feel they may qualify for reimbursement under these conditions can contact the Ministry of Finance for further direction.  Reimbursements are not guaranteed and will be considered solely on a case-by-case basis.

Argo Customs is glad to see these surtaxes removed and hopes this helps spur greater economic activity between Canada and the United States.

About ARGO Customs

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