ARGO Customs Can Help You Import Vital COVID-19 Medical Supplies

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Import medical suppliers are rushing to help Canada deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, but this can be impeded by the laws and regulations surrounding the importation of medical devices into Canada.  There are certainly good reasons for those regulations to be in place, but in times like these, you need an importation partner who can help you get through customs – and get your products into the right hands – as swiftly as possible.

ARGO Customs can be that partner.  We have extensive experience with, and knowledge of, Canadian importation procedures, and can help ensure the paperwork doesn’t slow you down.

How ARGO Customs Can Help Import Medical Devices During the Outbreak

  1. Knowledge of medical device licensing

Canada maintains four classes when categorizing medical devices, I, II, III, and IV based on both their handling procedures and any potential danger they might represent.  Class I devices – such as basic face masks – require no specific licensing, but any higher classifications require a specific license for importation.  We can ensure you have all the proper licenses for the equipment you want to import, preventing any delays in importation.

  1. Assigning the proper tariff classification codes

Like most countries, Canada has its own system of tariff classification codes which must be adhered to strictly.  Incorrectly classifying your imports – or doing so with incorrect paperwork – can lead to delays, fines, or even having your goods refused at the border.  We’ll make sure all of the bureaucracy is satisfied, removing these potential barriers to entry, helping your products get into the right hands more quickly.

  1. Helping you take advantage of recent fee waivers

To help encourage the importation of vital medical supplies and equipment, the Canadian Border Services Agency recently announced that they were waiving many fees and tariffs on such products.  Do your imports qualify?  We can help you make that determination and if so, assist you in all the necessary procedures at testosteroni-lisä
.  This can significantly improve the profitability of your Canadian medical imports during these trying times!

Free Sign-Ups During The COVID-19 Emergency

To do our part in helping the world’s import medical suppliers aid Canada during this disastrous outbreak, we are currently waiving the one-time setup fee you would normally need to pay.  This makes it easier than ever to make ARGO Customs your partner in Canadian medical importation!

Contact us to ease your way into Canadian markets.