ARGO Customs Brokers Toronto: Release of Explosives.

ARGO Customs Brokers Toronto: There is no allowance for the EDI entry of explosives into Canada. All importations of explosives must be accompanied by the explosives import permit or a copy of the permit. The permit must be presented and verified by the border services officer . The permit  is checked against the importer paper release request to ensure they are valid and that only authorized explosives are imported into Canada.

One exception to the rule is the importation of automotive air bags or seatbelt pre-tensioners which if the importer was part of the Customs Self-Assessment Program they do not have to present the paper licence. 

NRCan is a partner in the Single Window Initiative and later this year (date unknown) the CBSA will begin accepting EDI entries for explosives. As the EDI entry for explosives is not yet live, all importations are a paper entry with presentation of the permit to the border services officer.