ARGO Customs Brokers Toronto- Classification of dangerous goods

ARGO Customs Brokers Toronto- Classification of dangerous goods :

Under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, shippers are responsible for classifying dangerous goods, completing documentation, selecting the proper means of containment and displaying dangerous goods safety marks on the container.

Proper classification is crucial in ensuring safety as misclassified goods pose a risk of not being appropriately handled or transported in a safe manner. In October 2013, Transport Canada issued aProtective Direction requiring any person who imports or offers for transport to retest the classification of their crude oil if that testing has not been completed since July 7, 2013 and in the interim to ship it as Packing Group I – the highest level of risk.

In July 2014, a regulatory amendment was approved that allows TDG inspectors to conduct a more thorough verification of classification of dangerous goods. This amendment now means that industry must prove the results of their testing and the validity of their testing methods.