Argo Customs Brokers Can Assist you with Importing Meat and Related Products Into Canada

Importing into Canada can be a highly complex endeavor, particularly when it comes to the importation of meat and other related products. These types of consumables are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which requires proper procedures to be followed in regards to paperwork being filed in a timely fashion, and labeling of the products. The exact procedures and Meat Hygiene Directives are dependent upon the country of origin. The well trained staff at Argo Customs Brokers are dedicated to helping their clients meet these requirements. 

Argo Customs experts can help you meet the paperwork deadlines as outlined by the CFIA. It is important to ensure all paperwork is filed with the CFIA before the products can be brought into the country. Those wishing to import meat and similar products need to have their paperwork completed in no more than two weeks in advance, and no less than three days prior. 

In addition to the filing requirements, Canada has mandatory labeling guidelines for consumable meat products. These labels must be written in both of Canada’s official languages: English and French, and must include:

• The identity of the meat product (Chicken, Beef, Pork, etc.)

• The net quantity of the product. Exception: Random (Catch) weight products.

• If applicable, a complete ingredient list.

• The name and address of the registered establishment that produced or labeled the product OR of the person for whom the product was produced for. This shall follow the words: “Prepared For” AND “Prepare pour.”

• The meat inspection legend

• Safe storage instructions

• The durable shelf life statement

• The production date AND/OR the production lot identification code.

• A water declaration statement for raw, single-ingredient products

• And the nutrition facts

When importing into Canada, it’s important to know the rules, regulations, and requirements as outlined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency among others. Argo Customs Broker’s dedicated staff has developed a streamlined method that allows their customers to import their products with as little complications as possible. You are encouraged to contact Argo Customs for a complete list of countries currently able to import their meat and similar products into Canada.

For more information on the regulations required for the importation of meat and other commercial products into Canada, please contact the staff at Argo Customs Broker. Their specialist can help you import and export your goods from any country via any shipping method while saving you time and resources.