ARGO Calgary Customs Brokers- Pet food news.

The start date for implementation of CFIA’s updated policy on shelf stable pet food and treats is September 1, 2015.
As reported earlier, CFIA and USDA have developed a new multiple use
export zoosanitary certificate. After much industry consultation, it has
recently been determined that this new multiple use export zoosanitary
certificate validity timeframe will be based upon “shipments for export
to Canada, departing US facilities within a 7 calendar day period. Once
endorsed, these certificates must arrive at the Canadian border no more
than 30 days from the first departure date”. 
This change addresses the concerns raised regarding  transportation
issues (weather, breakdowns, etc..) that would have made the 7 day
period difficult to meet and provides a significant window of time to
facilitate the importation. Single shipment certificates will still be
available. All pet food exporters in the USA are encouraged to contact
their local USDA-APHIS Veterinary Services office in order to make
arrangements to obtain the required certification.