ARGO Business Corp. Offering Expertise for Import and Export of Art, Collectibles and Antiques

Leading Calgary customs brokers, ARGO Business Corp. have recently announced they’re offering a new service designed to help Canadians streamline the import and export of antiques and works of art. The company’s service will ensure that importers and exporters understand the latest customs regulations and protect goods against possible seizure at the border.

Art, collectibles and antiques transferred across the border into and out of Canada often falls under the direction of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act. This act sets out the legal process for establishing export and import controls on items deemed of cultural significance to Canada. Importers and exporters may find themselves subject to legal action under the Cultural Property Export and Import Act if they don’t work with recognized customs brokers, such as Calgary-based ARGO Business Corp.

ARGO Business Corp. is now helping Canadians complete the export and import process for their most treasured of items, including paintings, collectibles and antiques. The company will help exporters and importers apply for a permit to ensure safe passage of their goods to their destination. In addition, they can help work with Canada customs officials to ensure that the latest regulations are followed. This not only helps protect the client against potential legal penalties, but also ensures that goods arrive at their destination in optimal condition and within a consolidated timeframe. They can also assist the clients with obtaining Statistics Canada Authorization ID # for Export.

Through their understanding of the latest legislation regarding the import and export of art, collectibles and antiques, ARGO Business Corp. is now helping thousands of Canadians protect their high-value assets during the transfer process.