Aluminum Tariffs & Retaliatory Tariffs

As Canada was poised to announce a round of retaliatory tariffs aimed at United States exports, the US government announced they would be dropping the 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum which had previously been imposed.  It is not publicly known what exact US exports would have received tariffs, although reports were that they would have strategically targeted states and industries considered important to US President Trump.

This is not the end of the line.  The US government promised to revisit the issue in the future.  Likewise, the Trudeau administration has reaffirmed their willingness to initiate tariffs, should the US resume pressure on Canadian exports.

These are uncertain times for anyone doing cross-border commerce between Canada and the United States.  Anyone who relies heavily on importation into Canada is strongly recommended to find partners who can help them navigate political and bureaucratic tensions.  When the rules, regulations, and tariffs can potentially change in a matter of days due to political shifts, only true experts who specialize in keeping up with trade regulations will be able to guarantee deliveries on either side of the border.

About ARGO Customs

ARGO Customs specializes in aiding importers looking to legally ship goods into and out of Canada while navigating the bureaucracy which surrounds Canadian customs.  The trade specialists at ARGO are deeply familiar with import and export policies around the world and can offer critical help for importers and exporters around the world.  With fair rates and a focus on customer satisfaction, partnering with ARGO Customs means seeing goods arrive on time, with a minimum of hassle.

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