A Guide to Importing Goods Subject to SIMA Duties

SIMA (Special Import Measures Act) duties are
now in place on a range of goods being imported into Canada. These duties must
be paid by those completing the importing process on the arrival of their goods
into the country. But oftentimes importers don’t have a clear understanding on
all the rules and regulations governing the importing process. Our team at ARGO
Business Corporation are experts in helping clients importing goods subject to
SIMA duties
and in this post we’ll look more closely at the process.

is SIMA?

SIMA is an act designed to protect Canadian
industry from the material injury caused by dumping and subsidizing of imported
goods. A Canadian company can file a complaint with the CSBA if they suspect
that goods being brought into the country are being dumped or subsidized in a
way that harms the Canadian marketplace.

Importers Must Do

In order to ensure that they follow the
regulation set forth within SIMA, it’s imperative that importers work with
Canadian importing experts to achieve full compliance. The process is not
always easy to determine, as the country of origin, the potential for
government intervention, and the product being imported are each important
factors in deciding the level of SIMA duties that an importer must pay on their
product. These rules are changing rapidly, as the Canadian government assesses
the rules of foreign governments and determines whether state interference is
playing a role in certain products. And so, to adhere to the rules as they
evolve, it’s important to work directly with a specialist with experience
importing goods subject to SIMA duties.

ARGO Business Corporation Can Help

Our team at ARGO Business Corporation has
worked with thousands of clients in importing goods subject to SIMA duties. We
work with government teams to learn more on the latest regulations and to guide
our clients on their role in fulfilling their payment of SIMA duties. Our
understanding of the marketplace means we can help mitigate the potential for
fines or other serious penalties that businesses might face as a result of the
importation process. We can help companies determine if they are subject to
SIMA and then move the documentation forward in close coordination with the
Canadian authorities.

Our experts at ARGO Customs with offices in
Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton are here to help you
navigate the Canadian marketplace effectively. To discover more on SIMA and
SIMA regulations, contact