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Import into Canada: Brokers to Help You Import Commercial Goods

Step One: Obtain Import/Export Business Number Every company or individual looking to import commercial goods into Canada must have an Import/Export business number. These numbers are released and regulated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You can obtain a business number using either: the Business Registration Online tool or by calling 1-800-959-5525. Step Two: Register for […]

Import Brokers in Vancouver Can Help You Import Agricultural Products and Equipment into Canada

Vancouver, Canada – June 2016 – ARGO Customs is now placing brokers throughout Vancouver ports, sub-locations and warehouses to assist clients in the importation of certain agricultural products, equipment and agricultural goods listed on the Import Control List (ICL). Import permits must be submitted to the Canada Border Services Agency in order for them to […]

Brokers in Vancouver to Help You Import Personal and Commercial Vehicles and Yachts into Canada

Canada strictly controls the importation of overseas vehicles. This is to ensure that vehicles from within NAFTA are given the proper treatment. ARGO Customs are experienced with importing various trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, yachts, motor boats and other various vehicles. ARGO Customs are ready to assist both personal and commercial clients. Importing Personal and Commercial Vehicles […]

New format for online forms-

For cosmetic industry members: If you have notified Health Canada about a cosmetic product using the PDF form and need to make an amendment/discontinuation, OR if you intend to submit additional information on an incident, you are encouraged to send the changes using the current PDF forms as soon as possible. Replacement of PDF forms […]

E-commerce EDI software provider

For Customs Brokers and importers: We are E-commerce EDI software providers. CBSA certified. We have a “CustomsCA” web-based program & option for OGD (CFIA, NRCAN, TC) goods. ACROSS & CADEX included.

Some changes for Consumer Product Safety Program.

ARGO Customs Brokers: In summer 2016 we are expecting some changes : Health Canada has committed to the replacement of PDF forms with HTML forms, which are expected to be launched in Summer 2016.  Once the HTML forms are available, you will no longer be able to use or submit the PDF forms online. This […]