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ARGO Customs Brokers will be happy to assist you with your Hunting Trophies importations:

First of all, please check with CITES if you need an import permit: You can contact them at www.cites.org

Please be advised that such kind of goods should be presented to CBSA as a paper entry. It means we cannot submit it electronically as other shipments. Our Customs broker has to go to CBSA office in person and presents the paper package. It will be examined by CBSA officer, CFIA, and sometimes Environment Canada.

It may take up to 2-3 days (rarely more than that). We can do shipping for your door (when released) as well.

The Trophy fee has to be "commercially realistic". Please show in invoice detailed breakdown of costs separating the trophy fees from the licence fees (to kill the animal) and taxidermy. All this amounts will be added to the value for duty (VFD). Transportation & Insurance costs FROM the place of direct shipment to Canada are deductible from VFD.

Please see the Canada Customs Invoice at our FORMS page. Fill it out and send back to us. If you are having an original invoice (properly done) - it is good as well.

Hunting trophies are duty free and Taxed according to the Province it is being shipped to, if a personal importation. For Example: HST is 13% for Ontario from the invoice amount.

As a personal importation we are doing it under our Business Number. It is allowed by CBSA as a one time personal importation.

You need to open an account with us on-line:.

ARGO Customs are fully licensed Canadian Customs Brokers at ALL Canadian Ports & ALL Modes of Transportation.

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