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Freight Forwarding

Argo takes care of your freight forwarding quickly and conveniently

In the globalized world of the 21st Century, every business requires services for freight and transportation of goods. Unfortunately, this can often become worrisome and tedious, full of unwanted paperwork, applications and confusing jargon. Let Argo save you valuable time and resources - we'll take care of all your shipping needs from A to Z, so you can go back to running your business!

Whether it's air or land, roads, rails, seas and rivers, Argo has access to all the transportation modes your freight may need, at the most competitive prices and highest quality service. Our international agents work around the clock for you, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. With over 700 affiliated offices worldwide, we move your freight from any part of the world to your door step, quickly and conveniently.

We take care of all your shipping needs:

  • Ground Freight Shipping
  • Cheap International Parcel Delivery Service
  • Partial Truckload (LTL) - Door to Door Service
  • Full Truckload (FTL) - Door to Door Service
  • Ocean Freight - Door to Port Service
  • Air Freight - Door to Airport Service
  • Small Package/Courier - Door to Door Service
  • Oversized Freight - Door to Port/Airport Service
Full spectrum of freight forwarding services of in the USA:
Air export from anywhere in the USA:
  • palletized cargo and loose cartons
  • oversized cargo
  • dangerous goods
  • pharmaceutical products
  • temperature controlled cargo
Ocean freight:
  • We arrange pick up of cargo from Shippers' premises
  • Consolidation from several suppliers into one container
  • LCL shipments
  • Full container loads
  • Open top containers and Flat Racks
  • Overdimensional equipment for mining, oil and gas industries
  • Road machines

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Ground Freight Shipping

Moving your goods affordably and reliably

Ease, speed and convenience, ground freight shipping may be the very best option for moving freight. Whether its a business shipment large or small, a household move or any kind of delivery, ground freight shipping is frequently the ideal choice. Read below to learn more.

Household Freight Shipping

Ground freight shipping is commonly used in cases where a household moves a great distance, and renting a U-Haul or other mover is impractical. Ground freight shipping is most convenient and most reliable in these situations, not to mention the most affordable! Another plus of ground freight shipping is that you can set the exact date you need the ground freight shipping package to arrive at the destination, even if it's overnight or next-day delivery. Moving household items with ground freight shipping usually does not require much special preparation other than packing the items securely to ensure that they do not get damaged during the trip. Of course, you may purchase insurance with ground freight shipping to protect your valuables in case of a mishap.

Large Freight

Ground freight shipping is especially useful for shipping larger, heavier packages. A key consideration to keep in mind is to make sure your goods are packaged carefully and securely. The shipping companies are not responsible for damages! For safety, purchasing an insurance plan is recommended. If you have an extremely large shipment to be shipped with ground freight shipping, you may use a ground freight shipping service called Less-than-Truck Load (LTL) shipping. LTL is ideal for shipments under 15,000 pounds. Have a shipment larger than this? Full Truck Load (FTL) is the way to go. [These large packages - normally up to 45,000 pounds - are often shipped in their own containers.]

Time Window

Depending on the company or service, ground freight shipping may come with a time window for delivery, anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It is important to plan ahead and ensure someone is available at the ground freight shipping drop-off time. In many cases, you may be required to sign for your ground freight shipment. Ground freight shipping services ensure that the shipments will be made with the least amount of hassle to the customer. Ground freight shipping companies offer competitive prices to consumers that are affordable and can give the customer a guaranteed timetable of when ground freight shipping packages will arrive.

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International Parcel Delivery Service

Making your parcel deliveries quick and convenient

Parcel delivery service, also referred to as courier service, is the ideal method to transport small packages. However, you may find that postage or shipping charges for parcels increase significantly with larger weight and size. Not to worry! Argo offers cheap international parcel delivery service as well as domestic courier service. The maximum weight for packages is 150 pounds and the maximum length is 108 inches long.

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Partial Truckload

Worry-free partial truckload shipments

Do you need to transport freight weighing several hundred pounds, but not enough for a full truck (FTL)? Do you want your freight to be picked up at your doorstep? Partial Truckload (LTL) - door to door service is for you! Your goods are picked up right from your door and delivered promptly and safely.
  • Ideal for shipments between 50 pounds and 20,000 pounds
  • Various transit times available depending on distance
  • Over 50 LTL carriers to choose from
  • Next-day delivery in some areas
  • Liftgate delivery and pick up services
  • Maximum 15 linear feet of space (Need more space? See our Full Truck Load service!)
  • Trailer door openings 100" wide x 110" tall

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Full Truckload

Moving your large cargo in no time

Need to move a large amount of cargo? Argo provides the safest and fastest Full Truckload (FTL) door-to-door service! If you need to move anywhere from 10,000 to 45,000 pounds, or cargo that's over 15 feet long, Full Truckload (FTL) service is the ideal option for you. Leave the hassles to us - Argo will take care of the entire process, notifying you as soon as your shipment is delivered.
  • Ideal for shipments between 10,000 pounds and 45,000 pounds
  • All types of equipment, including 48' and 53' trailers, flatbeds, step decks and the rest
  • Domestic and international service
  • Appointments and notify-on-arrival
  • Max trailer dimensions: 100" wide x 110" tall x 53' long

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Ocean Freight

The easiest way to transport large cargo

Argo's Ocean Freight - Door to Port service is the simplest and most convenient way to transport large amounts of cargo. With over 200 freight destinations, your cargo can be delivered to any part of the world quickly and hassle-free. Argo offers both full container load (FCL) and less-than-full container (LCL) load shipping services for moving your cargo. For less-than-full container (LCL) loads, you can get a quote on our website. Give us a call for full container loads (FCL), Ocean Freight - Door to Port service. Remember: shipment of freight overseas is the least expensive mode of cargo transport!
  • Full container (FCL) and less-than-full container (LCL) shipping
  • Worldwide reach with over 200 different destinations
  • Instant online pricing for less-than-full container (LCL) pricing

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Air Freight

Save a great deal on time and hassles with lightning-fast Air Freight

  • Ideal for shipments 150 pounds and up (Less weight? Check our courier rates!)
  • Worldwide reach with over 300 different destinations
  • Maximum dimensions: 124" L x 95" W x 62" H (Larger pieces? Not a problem! Call today for our special rates.)
Air Freight delivers packages weighing more than 150 pounds quickly and safely, with our famous door-to-airport service. Our carriers fly the skies to over 300 destinations, providing you the very best global coverage. Air freight services have faster delivery times than other modes, with an additional option of real-time cargo tracking for your most sensitive goods. Notification on arrival is available, too.

Air Freight allows for packages with maximum dimensions of length 124" x width 95" x height 62". Cargo of larger dimensions can be accommodated, too, so have no worries - Argo will take care of it.

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Small Package / Courier

Saving you time and money with the very best in courier service

Argo's Small Package/Courier service guarantees speedy delivery of your parcels at the most cost-effective prices. Small Package/Courier - Door to Door service allows for hassle-free transport of parcels that are too small for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. We can deliver your small packages to both domestic and international destinations. Our worldwide service is bolstered by our vast carrier network. Plus, we offer overnight delivery for select domestic destinations.
  • Ideal for small packages weighing from 1 to 150 pounds.
  • Domestic and international worldwide service
  • Overnight domestic shipments
  • Max 70 pounds per piece
  • Maximum dimensions of length in inches + girth in inches not to exceed 165 inches total

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Oversized Freight

No cargo is too large for Argo

If your cargo is oversized or unable fit standard containers or trucks, Argo has the perfect solution for you. Our Oversized Freight - Door to Port/Airport service will ship any of your cargo that cannot be transported by regular freight service. We provide specialized Oversized Freight - Door to Port/Airport service for all destinations, domestic and international, through all modes - whether ground, air or ocean. When you use our freight forwarding services in Vancouver, no cargo is too large.
  • Domestic and international
  • Ground, air and ocean transport
  • For anything that does not fit in standard container or trucks

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