Canadian Cosmetics Act and Notification of cosmetics

As per section 30 of the Cosmetic Regulations, manufacturers and importers must notify Health Canada within 10 days after they first sell a cosmetic in Canada. Failure to notify may result in a product being denied entry into Canada or removed from sale.
ARGO Customs brokers in Toronto are doing many cosmetics importations coming into Canada and want to notify importers please:
Notify Health Canada about a cosmetic by filling out the Cosmetic Notification Form.
Examples of Cosmetics:
  • soaps
  • artificial nail builders
  • adhesives such as for artificial nails, hair extensions, etc.
  • moisturizers
  • tinted moisturizers (concealer)
  • tattoo inks
  • makeup products
  • tooth whiteners
  • cleansing wipes
  • feminine douches
  • Examples of Products that are Not Considered Cosmetics
  • sunscreens (including makeup products with SPF)
  • acne treatment
  • skin whiteners or lighteners
  • denture cleaners
  • hand sanitizers
  • artificial nails and hair extensions
  • brushes
  • laser treatment hair removers
  • collagen or "Botox" injections
  • insect repellents
  • oral supplements
  • room or fabric sprays
  • non-prescription contact lenses
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