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Commercial Shipments

With ARGO Customs broker, your goods will cross borders seamlessly. We will manage all customs work on time and on budget. We see every shipment as urgent.

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Personal Shipments

ARGO Customs broker makes it easy for individuals to ship into or out of Canada making the process quick and saving you on customs broker fees.

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About ARGO Customs

ARGO Business Corp. ( Argo Customs Brokers) Canadian Customs Brokers provide quick and reliable customs clearance services in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. We help with customs clearance anywhere in Canada, both for personal and commercial shipments.

Our specialists can help you exchange shipments with any country on any form of transportation, saving you a great deal of time, troubles and resources.

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Kit Cars classification?

Toronto Customs Brokers: tariff classification of kit cars in Demo D10-14-45. (headings 87.03, 87.06, 87.07 and 87.08)
The tariff classification of these kits is dependent on the number and type of components in the kit at the time of importation. Kits fall into one of the following three main categories:

  • (a) The first type of kits consists of all the components necessary to assemble a complete motor car without any additional parts or accessories after importation. Such kits would be considered as unassembled motor cars of heading 87.03 and would be classified under the appropriate tariff item.
  • (b) Kits, which consist of the body, as specified in the Explanatory Notes to heading 87.07, and an incomplete chassis frame of tariff item 8706.00.20, are considered to be incomplete and unassembled motor cars of heading 87.03 and would be classified under the appropriate tariff item. Such kits normally have a complete chassis-frame but require the addition of one or more of the following major components: the engine, the transmission and/or the steering column after importation.
  • (c) The third type of kits is made up of only a body and minor parts and accessories such as wheels, mufflers and steering wheels. These kits are not considered to be incomplete and unassembled motor cars of heading 87.03. In such cases, each component in the kit must be individually classified under the appropriate tariff item. Generally, the body would be classified under tariff item 8707.10.00. The remaining parts and accessories would for the most part be classified under the appropriate tariff items of heading 87.08. This type of kit lacks a complete chassis-frame, a transmission and an engine, but may include some minor elements of the chassis.
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